Ship Shape isn’t just a Navy Term!

 In Operations Management
           Does your facility look old, dark, or dingy?  New lighting, a fresh coat of paint, and clean windows do wonders in a facility that hosts customers on site!  But such an environment doesn’t affect only the customers. Often times, when one works in the same office or facility for many years, it becomes “second nature” not to notice a degraded facility.  If a new employee or new customer comes in, he/she immediately sees how downtrodden or worn the facility appears.  Your image isn’t just  products or services but the sum total of your facility, as well.
            Don’t allow a diminished image!  Begin by throwing out all of the old magazines, catalogs, and outdated brochures – ones no one has looked at in the past six months.  If brochures or magazines are important, keep one sample in a file. Remember  the web has almost everything that you need!  No reason to have a wide variety of paper materials cluttering your space.
            Perhaps new flooring is required. If the carpet is soiled or worn or if the color is no longer in style or suitable, spend some money and update the flooring.  Coupled with newly painted walls, doors and cleaned windows, a new floor will really make your facility sparkle!  People will notice—your employees, your customers and your distributors.
 You’ll get questions like “Are you moving?  Did someone else buy the facility?  Why all of the ‘fancy’ work?”  Enjoy the conversations that follow. You’ll feel better about your facility, and the plant will manifests the pride and professionalism that you always possessed when it is a sharp-looking facility.

Let us help you make your facilities “Ship Shape!”  We have the experience to help you improve your facilities.  Contact us here or call 817-386-3032 to talk to one of our consultants.


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