Starting a Business in a Small Rented Apartment

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Guest Post by Chelsea Lamb

If you are considering becoming an apartment entrepreneur, you are not alone. According to startup statistics, 69% of entrepreneurs in the U.S. launch their businesses at home. It is a smart move with plenty of perks.

While you are feeling bright and full of hope about writing your own garage-to-Fortune 500 success story, it is easy to forget about zoning laws, restrictions in your lease and all the licenses and permits you might need. As The Self Employed explains, overlooking some of these requirements and restrictions may get you into trouble with your landlord and the government.

It’s worth the time and minor investment to make sure you’ve dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s right from the start. Drawing from our world-class experience and first rate expertise in advising businesses, we at Solomon Bruce Consulting have formulated tips that should help you launch your apartment-based business into the next Amazon or Apple.

Sort through legalities

There are legal considerations to make before establishing your apartment-based business. These range from zoning laws to license and permit requirements. Make sure you are aware of your rights and limitations before someone decides to check up on your operations.

  • Zoning laws: They determine where businesses can operate in the city. Find out if your apartment falls into a zone designated for residential, commercial or mixed use.
  • Local ordinances: Ordinance limitations are meant to protect the welfare of the community by dictating among other things: business hours of operation, parking and traffic flow, insurance requirements, employee maximums, signage and noise.
  • Business license and permits: Business type and locality determine the types and number of licenses you need to operate your apartment-based business. They can range from zoning and land use permits to general business operation licenses.  

Seek your landlord’s approval

What does your lease agreement say about running a business from your apartment? A lease agreement is the contract document that lays out the rules and regulations that pertain to the building. It might not explicitly forbid you from operating a business in your apartment but there might be rules that you could end up violating through your business operations. Such rules include causing disturbance to other residents.

Instead of trying to interpret the lease document, you should talk to your landlord and try to work something out.

You may need to move

If you are worried about breaking the law, if your landlord fails to be reasonable or if your apartment is simply not large enough to accommodate your business, moving is an option. You can find a way to break your lease or wait for it to run its course before looking for a more suitable apartment, although Experian warns you may face consequences, like losing your security deposit.

Searching for rental apartments in Fort Worth, Texas is easy. You can visit listing sites that allow you to set parameters according to your liking so that you don’t waste time on incompatible properties. You can filter apartments by price range, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, pet friendliness, and available amenities. You’ll see apartments for rent in Fort Worth, TX range from $700 to $2000. They feature amenities such as air conditioning, hardwood flooring, cable, AT&T Fiber, disability access, laundry facilities, fitness center, onsite personnel, assisted living and so much more.

Establish a home workspace

Once you’ve settled on the perfect apartment to launch your business, do not make the mistake of blurring the line between your personal life and work life. You need to set up boundaries by first setting aside a home workspace in your apartment. This will help you create a work routine that will keep you creative and productive. Equip your workspace with all the necessary office supplies and furniture including a comfortable desk chair and filing cabinet.

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