Technology is a Force Multiplier for Sales Generation– Are you using it effectively?

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  A previous post addressed the use of the Apple IPAD as a Sales Generation Force Multiplier tool.  I addressed how one of our clients, Montague’s Jewelers has successfully used this new technology to very successfully compete with web based merchants that sell similiar products.
   With economic conditions today being difficult for many small and medium sized businesses, any advantage that you are able to achieve will help increase your sales and hopefully, achieve more profit!
    Interestingly, as a small business, competing with many large web based businesses is perceived to be challenging because you don’t have the tools or resources to be competitive.  Such is not the case.  In the jewelry store example, the jewelry store will “bring in” the piece that you wish to look at if they don’t have it in stock.  If it is not what you want, they will send it back with no questions asked.  The return policy on many web vendors is not as near “customer friendly.”  Again, in the jewelry business, if the piece that you buy from the web based seller is not what you want, most web based vendors have such onerous return policies that you end up keeping the jewelry piece, even though it is not exactly what you desired.
    Service is the key to any small or medium sized business.  We have cited in this blog previously that many people are willing to pay for good service.  In fact, most folks are willing to pay more for service– and to have it provided by a local vendor is a real bonus.  With technology, you can successfully compete with the big web vendors and be able to offer home town service at the same time– a “win-win” situation for everyone.
    Think about how technology will allow you to leverage your business opportunities.  The cost of many computers, laptops, telephones are such today that you cannot afford NOT to be using the latest tools for your business.
     This is not about reinventing the wheel!  The wheel has already been invented, you just have to adapt and apply it to your business today!  This is not a complicated task–however, you may need some help from a technology professional in identifying the specific tools you need for your business.  If so, now is the time to begin that journey– you are missing out on sales that could enhance your profitability.  Let us know if we can help you adapt technology to your business operation.
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