Attention to Detail is The Key To Industrial Safety

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Safety is everyone’s business!

Being attentive in the workplace is the key to a safe operation!  There are no shortcuts to safety– none!  Many industrial accidents occur when someone is not paying attention, using a tool in an improper manner, or using a tool that it is not designed for.  Using a screwdriver as a prybar is a simple example.  A screwdriver is designed to drive screws, not be used as a prybar.

Wearing personal protective equipment– hard toed shoes, safety vest and belt, a hard hat and gloves are important when working in any industrial environment.  It makes no difference if no one is watching or you are by yourself– if the company rules say to wear all personal protective equipment– DO IT!

Jewelry is another big mistake in any industrial environment.  Wearing a watch, ring, bracelet, necklace may mean that you are in love, are married, have a significant other that you are fond of, however, when a manager has to call that individual and tell he/she that you are in the hospital because you lost a finger because of a ring, wrist got burned because of a watch, necklace got caught in some moving machine, tears instantly occur.  It is no fun to have to make that phone call, but even more importantly, it is no fun to have to go to the hospital and see the injury.

Safety meetings every week are important– just DO IT!

An important step in ensuring a safe working culture and environment is to have a weekly safety meeting each week.  This meeting is important for a whole host of reasons.  Communication between management and the workforce is probably a primary reason.  Management should be active involved with the workforce.  This means being out on the floor, watching what is occurring and witnessing workforce actions.  Workers want to do a good job– however, if they are not told what the expectations are from management, the worker may make an incorrect assumption and perform a task in an unsafe manner, not knowing that there are other ways to accomplish the same task.  If an accident occurs when an employee is injured, EVERYONE needs to know what happened, how it happened, WHY it happened and what actions have transpired to preclude and prevent a similar action in the future.  This is one of the most important communication steps of management in running a safe operation.  EVERYONE needs to know what happened and what actions management is taking to preclude this accident from occurring again.

I always have an employee make the safety presentation– with the manager always present.  This accomplishes several factors also.  Public speaking, sharing a new idea and a way of accomplishing the idea is important.  Having the workforce ask questions is also important.  Workers wish to do a good job– however, management has an incumbent responsibility and duty to share information, both good and bad all the time, every week with the workforce.

Safety meetings should be at least 30 min a week, focused and purposeful.  Management can by donuts, kolaches or breakfast burritos along with coffee to share with the workforce.  Don’t go cheap here– the small amount of money spent is money well spent in both communications and safety.

Personal Protective Equipment– Use it at all times!

The company should always provide good personal protective equipment.  When a new employee comes on board, he/she should be issued personal protective equipment.  Instructions should be provided and the employee should read and acknowledge that he/she is to wear/use all of the personal protective equipment at all times when working on the shop floor.  If the employee damages, “forgets” or destroys his/her initial issue of personal protective equipment– the employee is responsible for replacing it.  Issue new equipment to the employee and take the cost out of the next week’s check.  This should only have to be done once, if at all, before everyone knows to always have their personal protective equipment available and being used.

Safety is Everyone’s Job– Make Sure You Are Doing Your Part!

Safety is everyone’s job– we are all in this together.  A safe work place ensures that no one is injured, the production is accomplished and the profits flow!

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