Here, You Need a New Glass Case

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    One of our consultants was in Billings, Montana last week for the Energy Forum at the Metra Park.  His glass case was broken.  He stopped in at Marion Optical in Billings.  The Owner, Marsha Price visited with him.  He said, “I need a new glass case.”  Ms. Price said, “Here, you do need a new glass case!  Take this one.”

     Our consultant wanted to pay for it, however, Ms. Price said that to “Just take it,” something good will happen.  Well, now, how about them apples?

      The customer wanted to pay, the business owner said No, “Just take it” and both individuals went away happy.  OK, here is the other part of the story.  Our consultant has used Marion Optical for many years.  The service, product offerings and pleasant staff are the best in the Upper Rocky Mountains!
       When someone comes into your business, do you periodically say, “Just take it?”  No, of course, you cannot say that every time someone comes in, you would be broke and out of business in no time.  However, doing it periodically is probably a good practice.  In fact, we do that here in the consulting business.  We periodically help someone with advice, using the “Just take it” philosophy of Ms. Price.  Does it work?  Well, we are not sure.  What we are sure of is that, just like this example, the client went away happy, the business owner was happy and something got accomplished.
        Next time when someone needs something, consider the “Just Take It” philosophy.  You cannot do it all the time, however, there are times when it is the right action to take.
       If you need new glasses, new glass frames and want to work with a real professional, go see Marion Opticians, located at 1212 Grand Avenue/#4 in Billings, Montana.  Ask for Marsha, the owner.  You will be as happy as our consultant was– that is, very, very happy with the product and the service.  You will not be disappointed!
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