We Knew What the Problem was Right Away!

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     Yesterday, we addressed the challenge of receiving a product that was not correct.  Today, we went and picked up the product.  Here is what happened–

  A.  The Vice President of the firm called and told our consultant that the problem had been fixed.  Could they deliver the product?  No, we would come and pick it up.  If there was a problem, at least we would not have to go back and “find the right person to fix it.”

  B.  The Vice President said that they recognized immediately what caused the problem and fixed it.  However, we should take the product, try it and if not satisfied 100%, bring it back and they will make a new product.  Was that OK?

    Well, sure, that was fine!  If the product was repaired and worked as advertised, we did not need a replacement product, we only ordered one, we did not need two.

   C.  Our staff goes and picks up the product.  The sales associate brings the product out, shows our staff member how the manufacturing defect was fixed and said, “This will work fine!”  We used the product and it appeared to be function as designed.

    D.  OK, do we need to pay for it now?  No was the answer, take it and use it.  Come back next week and then we’ll figure out what we need to do– use the one we manufactured, manufacture another one or do something else!

     Well, how could you go wrong with a deal like that?  We decided that we’ll try the product and in all likelihood, return and pay the bill.  We suspect that we have a product that will work just fine!

     How would you handle this matter?  We are impressed with how the company handled this.  The Vice President of the firm stated several times that he wanted us completely satisfied!  We’ll use the product and see how it works.  Follow the blog, we’ll report on what happens next!

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