When the New Colleagues Are Ones and Zeros

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Our staff was travelling last week and stayed in a hotel where the rooms had coffee makers that made eight different kinds of coffee drinks at the push of a button!  We thought we had to have a live barista for that!

While certainly there will always be a need for human beings to perform specific jobs and tasks, technology as service provider can help improve overall business operations.  Here are just a few examples:

  1. We read today about robots who work all the time, never need a break, and perform tasks which are dangerous, repetitive or mind-numbing for human beings. Read here to find some interesting ways in which robots are becoming more and more ubiquitous.
  2. The advent of the autonomous vehicles is upon us. Though not clearly operational everywhere right now, autonomous vehicles arrive in 2018 in California; the state approved laws that will allow autonomous vehicles to operate on California highways beginning in the New Year.
  3. Lawyers are exploring electronic discovery systems that scan and mine a wide variety of documents in a very short period of time. The systems lookfor key words, phrases or ideas that may be specific and germane to a particular legal matter. While the need for an attorney will not be replaced, lawyers will now be able to use their higher order thinking more by reducing the need to performthe mind-numbing task of document review.

Think about it.  Where in your operations might technology be used to enhance and enrich your processes?  You may be amazed at what you discover.

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