Why Do I Have to be HERE?

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Flexibility, teleworking and results—those factors keep millennials engaged in today’s work force. When your company does not allow or endorse such ideas, you are losing a valuable capacity and component of the modern workforce.


Millennial workers like flexibility. Teleworking is one way to achieve that. Do you need to have everyone in the office every day? We argue that the answer is NO! The old argument there is less “team bonding” when you allow teleworking is bunk—pure bunk. Millennial workers today are used to being digitally connected 24/7/365—there is plenty of bonding to take place. Also, with a “flat world” as defined by Friedman, digitally connecting with employees around the world is how many global companies’ function despite the time zone differences.

The key to telecommuting is having clear cut goals and directions for the workers. Each worker should know what is expected of them—i.e., the report needs to be done by next Tuesday, it must have 5 spreadsheets with sales data, revenue projections and customer historical behavior included. The PowerPoint presentation will be due on Friday, 12 slides, no “Eye Test” slides, no video, however, you can use audio. Use the standard company format.

If you are working with the employee—and you should be—on a constant basis, not micromanaging him/her, you will be surprised at the results you achieve.

Research benefits show that telecommuting is beneficial to both the company and the employee. Here is more benefits on telecommuting.


Try telecommuting with your employees—allow 1 or 2 employees to do it and see the results. Involve and engage the employee on the “Rules for Engagement” so that all know the expectations. Do Not focus on hours put in, focus on results achieved.

Some trial and error are expected initially, however, with careful planning, you will find a key way to retain great employees, achieve greater production and maintain dynamic, highly motivated employees.

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